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Maternity and Pregnancy Portraits | Norfolk, Virginia  

It’s no secret that every photographer has favorite locations for sessions. It’s always nice to go back to those locations because you know the light, the direction it will come from and you can generally predict how things will look. But it’s nice to break out of the usual, too. So when my clients suggest locations I love to explore them. The woodsy spot for these photos was just outside Karla and JD’s Norfolk neighborhood. Even after our rainy, cold winter, this spot was warm and dry. We finished their session around the Hague Walking Bridge in Ghent, Norfolk. I’ve shot in that area several times and there are so many unique spaces there it doesn’t get old.



In honor of Thanksgiving I’m sharing a special one-a-day.

I’m thankful for many things – including the safe return of my nephew Travis from his first deployment. He embraces his loving wife, Bryanna, again after a 9 month deployment – their first together. I’m so proud of the way they supported and uplifted one another – and especially impressed with Bryanna, who not only held down the fort at home but carried a full college course load and worked full time as well – all in a town many times larger than her hometown and completely and totally new to her. Travis is also kicking butt and taking names in his Navy career. Our family is so grateful they are stationed here.



Sydney: Class of 2015

(Yes, I photographed a LOT of Sydneys this year!)

Virginia Beach Senior Portrait Photographer | High School Senior Portraits | Kempsville High School



Have you seen the “I love cats” video? It’s been in pretty heavy rotation around these parts. We love cats. We have what most people would consider to be a LOT of cats. We didn’t do it on purpose but somehow when the fourth – yes, fourth – cat found us, we couldn’t say no. (You try saying no to a cat that sits outside your front door at night in the freezing cold all winter.)

This one-a-day features Olivia and Charlie – she’s our “second” cat and she loves people like no other cat loves people. She can’t get enough love. It’s not possible. She will slink up between you and an iPad if you attempt to watch it on the bed. She will sit on your back and sleep if you sleep on your stomach at night. She will sleep on your stomach if you sleep on your back at night. And she will sleep on your head any chance she gets. She will also lick your head. And your feet – the stinkier the better. It’s really gross.


Sometimes¬†I get lucky. After a posed shot and while I’m making an adjustment or changing a lens, the client will forget about the camera. Those are the moments to quietly document.

I’m cheating a little with this “one a day” post because there were a lot of “in between” moments during this session that stood out for me.

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