I’m so ready to put up our Christmas tree. I’ve been forcing myself to buckle down this week and get the real work done so I can start decorating this weekend. Someone told me recently that their goal was to have a Christmas tree in every room – that is also my goal! This year we’ll have two full size Christmas trees for the first time – and then lots of table-top trees. The sooner I can get started working on them the more we can enjoy them.

So enjoy the fall-turned-holiday inspiration for this week’s Detail Friday. And if you’d like, you can download it to make it your screensaver – directions are below the photo!


All Screen Resolutions (large file, may need adjusting in your control panel, display settings)

Click on the link above that says “All Screen Resolutions.” When the photo comes up, make sure it’s the original size by clicking the magnifying glass if you see one. You should then see the photo large. Now, right-click on the photo and choose “Save as Background.” It should then become your desktop background!