Side note: So I do think it’s a little funny that my boudoir notes and first communion session are intermingled on the site near one another. But I’m just learning to accept that since I photograph so many things, there are many things that are on this blog. And I’m hopeful my clients don’t mind. 🙂

Did you know that Curves Boudoir now has its own Facebook fan page? It does! I would love for you to fan it – I hope to do more than just highlight some of my amazing clients but also to talk more about the history of boudoir photography. There’s more to it than you might think. And of course as our moms could tell us, it’s not anything new, either.

Boudoir photography is very popular. I’m seeing boudoir style inspire a lot of fashion shoots these days. Have you seen the May issue of Allure? It includes a feature called “The Naked Truth” with 5 totally naked celebs positioned just right. The sets are minimal with heavy backlighting, putting all the focus on their beautiful bodies. The photos also have a very vintage look to them, which you know I love since vintage is kind-of one of my favorite things! You can see all of the photos here. That very same issue also has a gorgeous feature about Catherine Zeta Jones and she’s also naked in a boudoir-styled setting. Can I also just take a moment to say how nice it is to finally see the modeling and fashion industry making the transition to models with more meat on their bones? That’s probably a whole ‘nother blog, but seriously, I’m glad to see that even celebrities who aren’t stick thin (or 17 years old) are embracing their true beauty and their curves!