Meet Samantha. She’s gorgeous. She is full of life and loves to dance. She’s active duty military. She adores her boyfriend (sorry, boys!). And she also happens to be a 22-year-old who just finished chemo and radiation treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Yes, you read that right. I’m so glad she’s given me permission to share her story. I hope this motivates you if you’re feeling down about yourself or battling your own health issues.

I love Samantha’s attitude. She refuses to let the cancer diagnosis define her. And she rocked her boudoir session – with two of the best wigs I’ve ever seen and total spunk and spirit. She even went dancing that night! I know she doesn’t do this to be an inspiration – she does this because it’s who she is. But it definitely gives the rest of us some perspective. Thank you, Samantha, for not letting cancer define you or what you do. For believing in yourself and your beauty, inside and out. And for your strength. I have no doubt you will continue to kick cancer in the ass. And look good doing it!

Here are some of the first photos we took during her session – we did a few portrait-style photos before jumping into her boudoir session. The b-session photos will be featured on the Curves Boudoir blog in the coming days.