Olivia recently got new glasses and I wanted to share some recent photos. These are her first non-wire frames and she looks positively grown up!  She’s been in glasses since age two and they are such a part of who she is now.

I’ve had lots of practice photographing Olivia in glasses, which comes in handy when I do a session with a child in glasses. Photographing people wearing glasses can be a little tricky because of the potential for glare. Here are some quick tips to help.

A couple of quick tips for photographing people in glasses:

  1. When possible do not use your flash. If you have a diffuser and/or can “bounce” your flash in a different direction to avoid flashing off the glasses, that’s the way to go. (This is true for shooting towards a mirror, windows or other items that will reflect the flash back to the camera.
  2. Before you take their photo, have the person turn slightly to the left or right and note how the glare on their lenses changes. Shoot from the position with the least glare.
  3. It also helps to shoot from a little above or a little below the person.
  4. Avoid harsh/hard light when possible, as the more light you have, the more opportunity for glare you can have – so if you’re in full sun and there’s shade available, head for the shade!