Photography Tips

Do you love photography? A lot of people ask me how I learned about photography. For me, it started when I was in high school and college. I took a few film classes and then made the transition to digital photography when my daughter was born. From there, the fever to learn and grow and take better pictures grew into an obsession. I spent many nights online learning in photography forums, on Flickr and reading my camera manual. And when people ask me how they should learn more about photography, that’s the very path I recommend.

There are also excellent classes offered at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk and Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art  located in Virginia Beach.

Here are some tips to learn more about photography:
– Join Flickr, get a pro-level membership. Join a few groups there and post your photos for constructive criticism

– Join a group such as Bloom or Clickin Moms and find trusted mentors

– Read “Understanding Exposure” by Bryan Peterson. Seriously, if you don’t own it and you just bought your first dSLR or you want to shoot in manual, click on that link and order it now!

– Read your camera manual front to back and then do it again. Try new settings every week whether you think you’ll want to use them regularly or not

– If you are still shooting with a kit lens on your dSLR, get the 50mm 1.8 lens – this is a fantastic lens and it’s inexpensive