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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing break¬†with family and friends!

I was looking at our photos from last Christmas and decided to share some. So I’m throwing back to Christmas 2014 – a few of our home and Christmas Day as well as photos from our trip to the Greenbrier Hotel after Christmas last year. If you haven’t been there, I definitely recommend going during the holidays – it’s already gorgeous and the holiday decorations just make it all the more special.

These photos are special for a lot of reasons, but especially because we said goodbye to our sweet 16-year-old gray cat, Savannah, last January. And sadly said goodbye to our beloved Mooch this fall after her battle with kidney disease. I’m grateful for the many photos I took of them over the years to remind us of their adorable faces and all the love they brought to us.

I will be working on my New Year’s cards this week since I didn’t quite get to Christmas cards. I hope you have the brightest of New Years and here’s to a peaceful and Happy 2016!

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