Raise your hand if you’re still wishing people “Happy New Year” and marveling every time you write “2012” down. And now it’s nearly February 2012.

They say time flies when you’re having fun. I think it’s just flying, period, these days. Where did 2011 even go? I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. We’re all talking about it, emailing one another with apologies for not keeping in touch better and rushing from one required function to the next. I’ve spent most of the last few years so overwhelmed with my daily schedule that the feeling that I’m behind/running late/missing something is now normal! As I wind down a busy January, I’m working to schedule in a bit of a break for myself soon – there are so many things I’d like to do with the time. I am slowly working on a new website and putting together a new portrait line that I think will appeal to a lot of women. I’m also working on rejuvenating myself creatively. Stepping outside the constant marketing/promotion/session box that you need to live inside in order to make it as a pro photog.

I’m following the lead of many of the current photographers I admire and going back to my own roots by picking up film photography again. Once upon a time, I sold my Canon film SLR and lenses in order to pay for my first dSLR! I love shooting digital and will continue to shoot digital for client work, but I’m looking forward to rediscovering the slower waltz of film shooting compared to the freaky break-dance style of shooting that’s so tempting when working with digital. There’s something so valuable and right about checking your settings in triplicate, lining up a subject JUST RIGHT the first time and then clicking the button only to see…..nothing. Now that I’m shooting film again, I still find myself checking the back of the camera for the preview in the display – and the mystery of not knowing what you’ve captured makes getting the photos back in the mail almost as exciting Christmas morning.

I’ll be posting more snippets from the past month in the next week to get back in the habit of updating more often. For now I leave you Instagrams of my new baby – which uses the same lenses as my digital cameras – yay!: