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{Ayana} | Hickory High School
Chesapeake Virginia | Class of 2017

Thanks to Ayana’s wonderful mom and aunt, I was completely spoiled while photographing her Chesapeake senior photos! We journeyed throughout downtown Norfolk on a busy Sunday afternoon – mixing in with wine festival goers and lots of other folks mingling in the area. Ayana’s wonderful Aunt was volunteered (!) to drive us on our adventure and I admit, it made photographing the session lots easier since I didn’t have to do the parking! (I HATE parallel parking!) Ayana’s mom and aunt were both an extra special addition to her session and I’m so glad I got to know all three ladies and see their special bond.

Ayana’s one of those multitalented girls – running cross country and rowing crew in the spring – on top of making fantastic grades and gearing up for college, she’s pretty amazing. She’s also down-to-earth and kind – her smile is genuine through and through. Ayana’s considering a major in biology and minoring in Spanish – with the ultimate goal of attending medical school. Who runs the world? GIRLS!!

Here’s what Ayana said about her images:

“OMG They are ALL amazing! Thank you so much!! I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!”

CLASS OF 2017 – It’s time! Book your senior portrait session. I’m currently booking just one or two more sessions in 2016 and also booking dates for 2017. If you’re interested in reserving a spring date for warm weather, NOW is a great time to do so – those dates go fast!

Sessions include makeup with a professional makeup artist. We can create a look that’s very natural or a little bit bolder – all while covering any blemishes you might be worried about – and no caked on foundation, we promise! My packages all include your final fully retouched high resolution digital files – and beautiful add-on options like gorgeous glass image boxes and modern session albums.

Contact me now to learn more about sessions and reserve a date of your own!

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