We live just a little over an hour away from Colonial Williamsburg and yet I hadn’t done the tourist thing there since I was a little girl. So Olivia and I headed up on a hot day in August to knock around and take photos. We got there in the late afternoon (trying to avoid the worst of the heat) only to discover that the re-enactments and most of the buildings close at 5 p.m. The good thing is that we had the place just about to ourselves! But we did miss some photo ops I’m sure. It was still really interesting and a good prep for when Olivia goes up with her class later this year.

These were all photographed using a Contax 645, Zeiss 80mm 2.0 lens and Fuji 400H film. Developed and processed by PhotoVision lab.

2013-09-12_0010 2013-09-12_0001

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