I draw inspiration for my home from a variety of sources. I’m a magazine addict, love crafty magazines and sites (even if I never actually make anything!) and could spend hours in scrapbooking stores despite not actually scrapbooking! I love paper, prints, etc. Poppytalk is a blog dedicated to all things decorative, crafty and inspirational. They also have advertising – and unlike a lot of sites where the advertising is nothing but annoying – I end up clicking an advertiser’s link and fall in love with yet another concept. Not to mention the opportunity to order some beautiful hand-made items.

Months ago – maybe even a full year ago – I fell in love with an idea from the site. Someone had randomly arranged a grouping of eclectic plates together to make a very personal and artistic addition to their wall. The great thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money but you can cover a lot of space – which I had a lot of – lots of empty walls in my dining room.

So I set about on my search for electic plates. Some came from eBay, others from Etsy, a few from TJ Maxx, a few more from Marshalls and a few from thrift stores. The plates also came from all over the country and even the world – a trip to El Paso to visit my sister, one (my favorite – the little dog plate!) even came from England. Getting them on the wall to look random? Probably the most difficult part! Anyway – after a few weeks of them sitting on our home office floor – and me moving one here and another one there – I finally got the look I was going for. Then I had to hang them up. Challenge two! Remembering where each one goes!

Anyway, here is the results. I’m pretty happy with them. I still think I will probably tweak a couple and I want to add at least one or two more. (This is the room right before our CPA party for Steve a couple of weeks ago!)