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Naples florida sunset

It’s nearly midnight and my house is quiet. My neighborhood is quiet. Shoot, even my email box shuts up around this time. Normal folk are fast asleep. But I’ll bet I’m not the only photographer sitting in front of my big, brightly lit box with Spotify keeping me company and photos on my mind. We chase creativity when it hits – and for me it usually hits around this time of day.

There’s a romantic notion about being a photographer. We talk of “capturing the moments” and other sweet ideals. But let it be known that like any good duck, we are hustling under the water. We aren’t just taking the photos, we’re running a business. And boy, if there’s anything unromantic in this world, it’s probably the frantic pace of running your own business.

So at the end of the day, when midnight approaches, sometimes the thought of social media can be daunting. First it’s remembering which blog template to use. Then it’s resizing photos. No, it’s just PICKING them! How do I decide which images to share from the many that I love from any given session? What a blessing and what a curse.

Then, friends, it’s SEO and tagging posts and sharing them on a bunch of other social media sites. BeforeI know it, an hour went by because I ended up on some wild goose chase looking at past client sessions, looking up the lyrics of some song Spotify just played for me and fixing a snack. (Because social media apparently makes me hungry.) Eh, it’s just not as fun as taking the photos, processing the photos and spending my business time focusing on what really matters – my clients.

So for me, social media went by the wayside. I’ve apologized before about not being a very good blogger and I could do it again – but in all honesty, I think my focus is probably on the RIGHT things. I keep my focus on my clients and their images. At the end of the day, when they’re happy it makes me happy.

But realistically, I work in a very visual and social medium. I’m lucky many of my new clients come from clients before them who talked about their positive experience. But of course a lot of my clients find me online, too. It’s not glamorous, but that SEO and keywording and tagging and posting to various social media sites – it’s important.

So I’m recommitting some time back to sharing session images with you. And probably sharing kitten photos with you. Because, yes, we got another kitten and she’s pretty photogenic. But other than cats and daughter photos, I’m not one to say much about me. You won’t catch me giving you “what to wear when you shoot” tips because that’s just not my thing. (I mean, if I’m not wearing a cardigan and jeans then am I really even breathing?!)

At the end of the day, when midnight is approaching and I’ve had a day that leaves me happy and satisfied – it’s about three things… my family, my home and the content feeling I get after a great portrait session. I know that’s not very “rockstar.”

I won’t have 10,000 followers on Instagram. I won’t be offering amazing giveaways or leading awesome workshops. No slight to those who do these things. It’s just that you’re more likely to find me chaperoning my daughter’s ten thousandth chorus field trip. Or shooting and processing a client session. Or hanging a wall gallery in our home. Or daydreaming about how to overhaul our kitchen.

Or, my new project – quite simply, just being. It’s taken me a long time – my whole life actually – to appreciate that not every moment has to be taken up in doing/being/going in order to find happiness.

So this is my social media comeback. But at the same time it’s not. It’s just a little note to say yes, I am very much alive and very much shooting sessions. I’m grateful to every client who’s given me the opportunity to tell their story and I’m looking forward to telling many more.