I started collecting vintage cameras a while ago but stalled out on the collection and restarted again recently. I get them on eBay and Etsy and lately I’ve gotten some great deals. I’ve finally got enough vintage cameras to include them in the Christmas mantel!

One of my favorite new additions.

All of our cats love this particular spot by the fireplace. Meet Savannah!

Love this reproduction vintage Christmas card.

Gratuitous extra cat shot. Savannah is our oldest cat, clocking in at about 11 years old. When she was younger, she’d jump up on doorknobs and turn them with her paws, thereby opening them and escaping. She looks a little grumpy but she’s very sweet. She also has several nicknames. Let’s see, there’s Dark Bobo, Boo Boo, Grumpy Bumpy (she bumps against us when she’s hungry).

Come back tomorrow for a post about our advent calendar/boxes!