I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share this session but I know you’ll love it because it features one of the most adorable toddlers you’ll ever meet and her wonderful mom. Mom is a friend and neighbor and also a talented photographer. She wanted to do something different for her maternity session – capturing a “day in the life” feel with her daughter. So I took a step back and approached the session more from a photojournalistic point of view. It was such a pleasure watching these two interact.

¬†First they made cookies together -“creating” the recipe as they went along.

2014-04-18_0005 2014-04-18_0002 2014-04-18_0003 2014-04-18_0009 2014-04-18_0004

2014-04-18_0006 2014-04-18_0007 2014-04-18_0008


Then we ran outside to capture just a few “traditional” maternity photos before it began to pour rain.
She’s a master poser as you can see!2014-04-18_0011

2014-04-18_0012 2014-04-18_0013

We went inside and captured a few more. I adore the big American flag that hangs in their den.

2014-04-18_00142014-04-18_0015 And last, but definitely not least, they got to make a Facetime call to dad, who was deployed at the time.
I adore this series and definitely wiped a few tears while shooting them.

They show dad something special she made that day at preschool.


2014-04-18_0020 2014-04-18_0018 2014-04-18_0019



Giving dad goodbye kisses.2014-04-18_0023