We went on our annual summer vacation a couple of weeks ago – dashing through storms all the way. We stayed through Hurricane Irene and left on a jet plane for Naples, Florida, only to be greeted by a suspicious bunch of clouds and rain that later turned into Tropical Storm Lee. Vacation fun prevailed nonetheless. I took my “fancy” camera but also shot a lot of Instagrams while we were there. If you’re not familiar with this free, nifty app for the iPhone, it’s just awesome and I highly recommend it. I haven’t kept up with a lot of our memory keeping this year (Project Life anyone? I gave that up in April, seriously, sad but true), but I do take regular Instagrams. I recently got a book of my Instagrams from 2011 printed from Blurb – easy as pie and beautiful little keepsake – recommend highly! Oh, and I’m “amiesandoval” on Instagram. Follow me and I look forward to following you, readers!

So for now I’ll share our vacation Instagrams and one day – like in November or December – when I get our “fancy camera” photos processed, I may even share those!