This field is not far from my house and it’s been calling my name lately with it’s little white wildflowers. But I’ve heard of a lot of snake sightings this spring and worried a bit about running into anything slithering through the field. My new camera – the Canon 5D Mark III (or 5D3 for short) arrived recently and I’ve been getting to know it. The need to practice and desire to try out the field ultimately overrode my fear of snakes and we headed out Thursday night to venture into the field – wearing tennis shoes just in case.

Olivia ran upstairs before we left the house and grabbed New Bear for his share of the spotlight. Olivia has carried a CareBear with her everywhere – on every trip, sleepover and adventure – since she was two. We’ve had a lot of favorites but the original New Bear was the absolute favorite. We did a little mini session with him in 2010 and a week later we lost him forever. We searched everywhere – and Virginian-Pilot columnist Mike Gruss even wrote a  sweet column about it after seeing me Tweet about it – but alas he was nowhere to be found. Thankfully we found another New Bear on eBay and he’s been her companion since then. Olivia is nine now and I don’t know that New Bear will accompany her everywhere for much longer so I’m glad he came with us on our mini shoot. I encourage my clients to bring special items like their child’s favorite stuffed animal or toy to sessions because they are such an important part of who your child is and what they love at that point in their lives. And because one day they won’t carry those ragged and often dirty but totally loved toys.