This has been a difficult year for me and my blog reflects it. I lost both my parents this spring – 6 weeks apart. I started several blog posts about it but ultimately decided not to try and write through it. It was too hard. It’s been a busy year and a changing year. That didn’t leave much time for the details – and blogging is always one of those details to fall by the wayside. But as a result, I feel like you haven’t seen much of my work this year. I’ve been busy photographing so many fantastic clients. Honestly, staying busy with my clients and continuing on with my love for photography has kept me upright at times.

Much of my client work these days goes unseen since I shoot primarily Curves Boudoir sessions and my boudoir images are primarily private. But I’ve been shooting quite a few high school senior sessions this year, too, and some other sessions as well. And I want to share some of what I’ve been up to this year without overwhelming you – or me! So for a while…I won’t commit to a timeframe lest I disappoint both of us – but for a while, I’m going to share one image a day from this year’s sessions and some of my personal work.

And because I love quotes, here’s one I saw this week that rang true for me.

Nothing is forever…Be mentally eqiupped to meet the impending changes, and sometimes tragedy. How you personally manage the alterations of your life will establish your competence for happiness.

– James Sheets



Olivia, Halloween 2014