Yep, I’m still whipping out the ol’ iPhone and grabbing the daily moments whenever I remember. Here are some highlights of Olivia from February/March so far – I’ll post some others later this week! And for those of you interested in creating these Polaroid-style photos, check out the “Shake it Photo” app – that’s what I use to create these. It’s my favorite iPhone app by far!

Riding her bike on one of the warmer days recently.

iPhone photo of Olivia riding her bike

iPhone photo of Olivia riding her bike in the court.

We got pedicures together recently. I was waiting for my feet to dry and this is the sweet face looking at me from the other side of the table!

She likes to come down the steps like a cat on all four “paws.” I had to capture this with all the fabulous light streaming through the big window and door in our entryway!

If there’s a lap to sit in, our cat Charlie will find it!


Olivia folded ALL of this laundry by herself recently. The trick is that she gets to watch TV while she folds, so it’s a fun way to earn TV time.


Many of you moms probably know exactly what this one is about. Olivia recently had the dreaded stomach flu. She slept on the bathroom floor that night. By this point she was so tired that even when the cat came and curled up right next to her (on that comfy sleeping bag, a cat magnet no doubt!) she didn’t notice. Poor thing.