One of my goals this year is to take more spur-of-the-moment photos to document my family. We have such a lucky life, honestly, and it’s easy to take the small moments for granted. These photos are meant to remind me – with their flaws and imperfections – as life flies by – these are the moments to remember. Wow, sounds like a cheesy song, right?! But, so true.

What’s the quickest way to document life? With a cell phone camera, of course! I have an iPhone and loveee it. The camera, however, isn’t the best. But I’ve found a few apps (yes, there’s an app for that!) that really juice up the camera. My new favorite app makes photos look like they were taken with a Polaroid camera. Some of my photographer friends are doing absolutely amazing things with their real retro Polaroid cameras and I wanted to try something similar. This app is great – the photos really do look like Polaroid images.

Here are a few from our quick roadtrip to Roanoke this past weekend:

My favorite one of these – the sky as we came over a hill on the road near Charlottesville. I love when the hills begin to turn to mountains. Central Virginia is absolutely beautiful, even in the middle of winter.


We couldn’t believe how much snow was piled up from outside Charlottesville all the way to Roanoke – from a blizzard back in December!


My husband’s driving arm! Love how the world outside the window is blurry as we fly by – but inside the car, his arm is in focus.

Olivia – these days if I try to get a photo of her, I’m often greeted with her trying to get a photo/video of me back with her iPod!
We went to Roanoke to surprise one of my husband’s friends for his, ahem, milestone birthday! The party was held at his parent’s house – where their basement is the party-room of the century. It’s complete with a  working slot machine – which Olivia loved!  He also has a player piano, pool table, pro dartboard and working jukebox. It’s truly a fun place. We’re so glad we made the trip – the older I get, the more I realize we are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some of the most genuine and warm people.